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Go Solar with $0 down - UNION CITY

Title: Go Solar with $0 down

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Why Solar?

There is no doubt that solar energy's time has arrived. The technology is reliable (we offer 25 year warranties on materials and up to 15 years on installation) and the cost is lower than ever before. If you combine the Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) of 30% plus the benefits of SRECs in New Jersey, the math makes more than sense for home owners.


With decades of solar experience and engineering backgrounds under our belt, we have the process down to a science:

Detailed project estimate and financial analysis with ROI calculation
Complete site inspection
System Design and submittal package -- for approval by AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction) and your HOA if needed
On-Site Project Management
Oversee disconnect & reconnect of your new solar energy system

Benefits of Going Solar

Decrease your utility bill: solar power costs less than traditional energy sources. And with a limited supply of fossil fuels (coal, oil, etc.), electricity rates will continue to rise. By installing solar, it gives you control of your energy costs.

Help the Environment: According to the World Resources Institute, the US ranks 2nd in the "World's Top Carbon Emitters". It's time to reduce our carbon footprint and start considering renewable resources. Stop relying on non-renewable energy sources and produce your own energy.

Immediate Savings: If you combine the energy cost savings, with the Solar ITC (investment tax credit of 30%, available through 2019) and New Jersey SRECs incentives, now is clearly the best time to switch to solar energy.

Great investment: Solar is a home improvement project that increases your property value. According to the National Renewable Energy Lab, properties with solar panels sell 20% faster than a home without solar, and is sold at an average of 17% more.

Dollars and Cents

Energy costs increase on average almost 5-7% per year. Each year adds on more to your bill which can be offset by adding energy efficient upgrades, such as solar, to your home.

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