Monday, July 18, 2016

Learn Tableau - Data Visualization with Tableau - REDMOND

Title: Learn Tableau - Data Visualization with Tableau

Ad Detail:

Tableau is one of the hottest skill in demand these days. Learn Tableau from the instructor who have developed and taught various courses at UW, Bellevue College and University of British Columbia.

You don't need any prior knowledge of data analysis or IT.You will need basic computer skills.

Class Type: In Person
Where: Redmond, WA

The class are held on one full Saturday (8 hours) or 2 Saturdays (4 hours each), you can send us your preference.

In this class you will learn everything you need to start using Tableau today.

You will need to bring in your laptop to install Tableau on, we will be using Windows version of Tableau desktop.

Who is this course for
1. Anybody trying to acquire any new skills
2. You have just landed a job that requires Tableau
3. You are interviewing for a position that requires Tableau.
4. You work in Data analysis and would like to see how Tableau can help.
5. You would like to get ready for the growing demand in Tableau.

We do not sponsor H1B, though we can put you in touch with recruiters and companies who might be able to sponsor H1B.

Classes held online and in person.

Regular class is $699.00 but we have SeattleIndia discounted price of $399.00. (Once classes are full we will place you in the next session).

Online Training available for only $199.00 (You can email your queries but no instructor is available).

Contact us at

Visit Learn Tableau - Data Visualization with Tableau for details on this classified.
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