Monday, May 30, 2016

Household Items -must go/prices negotiable - HILLSBORO/BEAVERTON

Title: Household Items -must go/prices negotiable

Ad Detail:

Move Sale. All items must go asap. Prices negotiable.

Non stick pan $2
Small non stick sauce pan $1
Egg beater $0.50
Ikea tupper ware set (clear plastic green lid; only few pieces used- others new; never used in microwave/for hot food=clean): $1.
Ziplock round tupper ware box set (minimal used; like new; never used in microwave/for hot food=clean): $1.00
Steel Filter coffee maker (small) $2.00
assorted spoons/forks/ladels (~3-4 all)- $1
3 ceramic mugs red (non microwaveable) - $1.00
2 ceramic mug (CHICAGO printed) : $2.00
2 ikea ceramic mugs- $1.00
Indian style steel collander: $2.00
Flour sifter (indian style): $1.00
2- Large steel plates: $2.00
Assorted steel cups/small bowls (7-8 pieces) $3.00 (all)
Large glass jars for grains or pickles (Bromioli Rico Frido Vaso): $3.00/each
Medium size glass jars (for grains/pickels): $2/each
Mason jars $0.50 each
Idli stand (5l cooker; Hawkins; Aluminum) $2.00
Indian style wok (aluminum): Large: $5.00; small: $3.00
Large aluminum Hawkins pressure cooker with aluminum mesh: $25.00
Small aluminum Hawkins pressure cooker $15.00
Iron girdle (Tava) for chapati (slight concave) with wooden handle (heavy) : $2.00
Wooden rolling board (circular with stand): $1.00
Large thermoware Casserole (unused) (Cello) $8.00 obo
Igloo water pitcher 3 gallon $15.00
wire extension board (ikea; new/minimal used): $1.50 /each
ikea lamp shade (new=unused; black, white) $2.00
small white board+marker (ikea): $1.00
Table mats (Cotton+jute; maroon)-2 : $5.00
Unused door mats (jute/cotton; chenille) $3.00/each
Used (2 yrs; clean & washed): $0.50/each
Small woolen rug+2 door mat set (unused/new): $7.00
Cushions w/covers (purple; blue) $5/each obo
Electrical appliances, lamps etc. (2 yrs) - best offer
Iron table (foldable)- $9.00 obo
pots/planters (used): $0.50 /each
plant feed (fuschia; new) $2.00
Ikea metal basket (like new) $4.00
set of 3 steel canister (medium size): $6.00
1 enamel -white jar with lid (west elm) $4.00
Used ikea tool set with case (lid broken) $1.00 obo
Ikea bookcase end: frosted plastic: $1.50/set obo
wooden coasters-set $3.00
plastic coaster set (brown) $0.50
Plastic bucket (like new) $3.00
Ikea bamboo circular basket/trays-set of 2: $3.00
1 medium size white ramekin + small sauce dish $1.00
2 buff colored ikea bowls -medium size $2.00
1 Corel bowl pure white $1.00
Sturdy steel tongs (to catch hot pots/woks) $2.00 each
set of 4 clear glass bowls- large (ikea): $3.00
Set of 2 clear glass bowls with glass embellishment $3.00
Step on Trash can copper finish (new; original price=29.99) : $15.00 obo
New kitchen towels: $1.00/each
Oil/vinegar dispenser (2-set) $3.00
Pepper mill with salt dispenser (clear plastic; small): $1.00
4 glass bottle (food grade) (Pier1 Imports) w/ cork $3.00
Metal pen/tooth brush stand $4.00 each
Zafu (husk/bean filled; blue color) (1 yr old) $15.00
Ikea mirror (square-large; new; still in packaging) $5.00
Multi picture frame (new; still in packaging) $6.00
Pin-up board $1.50
Dry lavender bouquet $1.00
2 tier wicker basket (Pier1 Imp.) $8.00
Misc. wicker basket $1.00/small; $2.00 large
6 glass set (ikea) $2.00 obo
6 glass mug set (ikea) $2.00 obo
Ikea laundry basked (woven ratan) with cotton liner: $8.00 obo
Large plastic planter (window) with plants: $4.00/each
Case logic camera case (medium size): $4.00 obo
Hula loop (large): $3.00 obo
Softball glove+softball $10.00
Bike/sports helmet (Bell); medium size (new): $10.00
Jigsaw puzzle (brand new; unopened box; Majestic-1000 piece): $10.00
Chetan Bhagat's paperback book set (3) [brand new]: $5.00 obo (gift)
Indian style wool blanket $10.00 obo
Large Pillows (like new) $20.00 each
small table/stool: wooden legs/frame; woven top: $20.00
table runner (brand new): $10.00
Radio shack charger with 4 AA & 4 AAA batteries ( all working to full potential) $5.00
Blender (like new) $25
Handblender (like new) $15

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