Saturday, June 21, 2014

Music and Sholka - A preparatory Class - SAMMAMISH

Title: Music and Sholka - A preparatory Class

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I introduce young children age 4 to 9 years of age to traditional Carnatic music and simple Sholkas and Bhajans in a home setting at Sammamish. The class will be offered once a week for 40 minutes and will have 3 kids or less.

The structure of the class will mostly look like this
1. Shlokas/Bhajans - 10 minutes
2. Introduction and learning of Carnatic songs
3. Short , simple and easy to sing songs รข?" 10 minutes
I will guide the child up to Geetham with a focus on shruthi and tempo correctness.

Classes will begin in September of 2014; however you can stop by for two 1-1 session before that to check if this will work for your child.


Visit Music and Sholka - A preparatory Class for details on this classified.
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